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edward hessel

I have just purchased a 90' 750 sport, in very nice original condition. I have noticed your "cadillac" project and wondered what happened to all the removed 750 parts?
Very nice site, I am sure I will spend a couple hours here!
thanks for you time, edward

richard eyman

i do not know what url is . i am computer/digital photo challenged , but if you speak with some of the docc members that were at mosport in i believe 1994 or 1995 they may remember my bike or even if you find the right one possibly one of your members being passed by me on the front yes front wheel at approx 160 mph after the last rise on the back straight . i give you my word that i did not try this . but it was eye opening . i am a former menber of the docc great club . if you would be so kind as to send me your address i would be willing to send you some photos .

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