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Mike G

Here in Australia we have CTP - Compulsory Third Party insurance which is paid as part of your vehicle registration. I wont pretend I know all about it but I know it covers for injuries and such to yourself and others. It does not cover damage to the vehicles. I realise this is probably not cheering you up but try thinking of some of the alternative outcomes from the accident.
Live to fight/ride another day. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope your bike is fixed or replaced ASAP.
Maybe try thinking about how good that first ride will be.
Regards from Oz, Mike

Adam Sherman

I'm amazed at the difference in insurance setup down there. Considering the reputation of massive litigation for everything, I assumed that folks carried huge liability coverage. So I don't get it: where is the cash coming from the fulfill the awards from litigation?

I carry $2 Milion on my vehicle and another $2 Milion on my appartment!


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Many factors affect the premium you will pay for auto insurance. Each is a statistically based risk for a specific population. The higher the risk associated with a person, the more he or she is likely to pay for coverage.

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